Is National Governance and Workflow Management. It is a praba system for Government-to-Citizen (G2C). For public safety, government need to monitor any event and create appropriate situational awareness. By using web and social media crawler to capture in real-time all negative vibes and opinions, Gov’s addressing such issues through its pool of citizen response system. 

  • Event Monitoring
  • Web and Socmed Crawler
  • Web-In, SMS-in and Email-in
  • Real Time Dashboard
  • Telegram and WA Collaboration
  • SMS Integration
  • Text Analytic System
  • Workflow Management

Government 2.0

Government 2.0 or Gov 2.0 refers to government policies that aim to harness collaborative technologies to create an computing platform in which government, citizens, and innovative companies can improve transparency and efficiency.Put simply, Gov 2.0 is about "putting government in the hands of citizens". Ngawen presenting enhanced Gov 2.0, incorporation of web presentation, multi access for citizen, instant messaging group collaboration, text analytic and workflow management. Using PraBAC and PMH platform to make it happen. 

Government Information System (GovIS)

Local government organizations have been established since lowest tier. By creating some collaboration of groups, from the first tier leader to the Ketua RT, Ngawen can generate response and rapid two-way communication. Governor, for example, able to sends messages and instructions to all levels instantly. As well as the governor able to listen to any groups either silently or open.