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Is Praba Command Center Management . It is Praba service for collecting, analyzing, and signalling event occurrences, and visualize in real time dashboard. Baccem provide project management to the creation and development of large scale infrastructure monitoring, using workflow and workforce management, group collaboration and alert notification.

  • Real Time Dashboard
  • Device Monitoring
  • Workforce Monitoring
  • Ticket and Alert System
  • Manajemen Workflow
  • Kolaborasi Group
  • Multi Tenant
  • Flexible Configuration

Baccem contains information details about the seamless planning of events, event locations, infrastructure and facilities, ordered by cities and regions as well as descriptions of different types of events and their crucial planning requirements. Furthermore you will find an event manager system and a chance to publish pictures and descriptions of already organized events.

Baccem is system of collecting, analyzing, visualizing event occurrences to subscribers such as device up/down, active database, network element status as well as human operators. These event occurrences may stem from sources in both software or hardware such as operating systems, database management systems, application software, processors and sensors.

A monitored object must be properly conditioned with event sensors to enable event monitoring, that is, an object must be instrumented with event sensors to be a monitored object. Event sensors are sensors that signal event occurrences whenever an event occurs. Whenever something is monitored, the probe effect must be managed.

Event monitoring allows admins and workforce to receive notification when certain events happen in Baccem. All users may also be allowed to subscribe to rules if they want monitor capability. To do this, a 'rule' needs to be created for the event to be monitored and then a user, such as the admin or workforce will need to subscribe to it to be notified.
The rule will specify what the event is and how often it must happen before notification is sent to the subscriber. The notification may be pop-up, sms, email or instant messaging.
You can set up Baccem to have events generated when the threshold value exceeds. And resulted alarm or alert notification, can directy forward to instant messaging group or workforce. Any collaborative action like discuss, problem solving, coordinating will arrange on that instant messaging group.