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Is Praba Workflow Management provides an infrastructure for the set-up, monitoring and measuring performance of a defined sequence of tasks, arranged as a workflow. Pawon is the perfect foundation to help you plan and run your projects online. Major features provided are: a ticket system with time-tracking, collaborative file management, wikis and forums, a news system, dashboard and mobile notification. Running as man-to-man, man-to-machine and even machine-to-machine integration and collaboration system.

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Pawon Features

  1. Create in Business Steps, not Technical Activities. Pawon is a great Workflow Management System let’s you think in simple linear loops and does all the complex stuff in the background.
  2. WYSIWYG Form Designer. The form designer is a vitally important piece that should let you see in real time what your form will look like for users. Pawon form designer should be simple and intuitive and shouldn’t require a consultant to walk you through it.
  3. KPI-based Reports. Pawon has a robust KPI-based reporting function will let customer see and analyze where the bottlenecks are and where to focus your attention.
  4. SLA Status Indicators. The dashboard of Pawon use color codes or a similar tool to draw your attention to the most pressing workflows.
  5. Notifications When and Where you Need Them. Pawon will send notifications via email or push notifications on your mobile to remind you of upcoming approvals. Users should also be able to customize the kind of notifications they receive.
  6. Parallel Branches. All workflows are sequential, but some are special. Some sequential steps can happen at the same time. Customer can create one workflow that follows a different track depending on which department the requester chooses on the form.
  7. Role-Based Access Control. Pawon allow you to customize what each individual user can see and edit. Making a quick change to this part of the workflow should not break it or affect historical requests.