Is Praba Messaging Hub that serves to transmit messages crossing many platforms. Like a sailboat sends passengers and goods from one island to another. With PMHUB, either human or machine, can easily send cross-platform, personalized push notifications, or broadcasting the details to the users. With a single API call, you can target individual users or entire group, across all their devices, and using both instant and conventional messaging platform

Push Notifications

Smartphones and tablets are able to "notify" users when an event has occurred. On Android and Apple iOS devices, notifications appear grouped in a notification panel easily accessible from the top of the screen. Push notifications help app backends display fresh information on mobile devices even when the app on the device is not active. 

PMH eliminate one major complexity: you do not have to manage the challenges of push notifications. Instead, you can use a Messaging Hub. As Messaging Hub, PMH use a full multiplatform messaging, scaled-out push notification infrastructure, and considerably reduce the push-specific code that runs in the app backend. PMH implement all the functionality of a push infrastructure. Devices are only responsible for registering messaging account (WhatsApp, Telegram, Google Talk or Email), and the backend is responsible for sending platform-independent messages to users or interest groups

The Usecases

You can use PMH for both enterprise and consumer scenarios. For example: 

  1. Send alert notifications to users or groups for applications.
  2. Send breaking news notifications to groups of executive.
  3. Broadcast messages to your employees.
  4. Send location-based coupons to user segments.
  5. Notify users of enterprise events like new messages/emails, and sales leads.
  6. Send one-time-passwords required for multi-factor authentication.