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Is Praba Business Application Core, provides a set of back-end and front-end framework, and tools to make it easier for enterprises and software vendors to build and deploy applications in the enterprise. These solutions, called Business Applications Core, are quick to build and deploy; empower end users through extensive personalization capabilities; are easy to change when business needs require; and are built using web-based tools and applications, which is bundled with the business application itself. It helps organizations to increase personal productivity of knowledge workers and connect external stakeholders with fit-for-purpose applications.

  • Data Management
  • Content Management
  • Action Management
  • Job Management
  • User Management
  • Security Management

Features List

Content Management

The Content Management provides personalized UI framework for composite applications with a rich user experience. It consolidates and presents human activities in user experience layer, operational data layer, and integration flow. It is a combination of responsive and multipurpose frontend theme powered with Twitter Bootstrap and AngularJS frameworks. And composer tools that enable unskill developer in creation of web applications.It is designed to simplify and speed up integration application development. By using modern standards like HTML5, CSS3, Restful API's, and powered by Zendframework, It delivers the advantages of easy-to-deploy web applications. 

Data Management

Data Management is one of the core application servers in the PraBAC platform. It is a Zend Framework-based, an industry-wide standard and fully object-oriented framework with there is no lack of support from the community, the documentation, and the developers.

Action Management

Action Management is graphical process builder to map logic that forms the major part of Integration projects. It may give the impression that non-technical staff are capable of writing good code in it. Mapping logic is easily performed and fairly natural to understand.