Is Praba Real Time Unified Dashboard and Collaboration. It is a complete set of data visualization with real time capability. Using in-memory data structure store, used as database and cache, and websocket technology. Ratuboco is very fit to visualize real time processing as result of real time analytic engine like IBM Infosphere Stream, Apache Storm or Apache Spark

  • Real Time Dashboard
  • Web socket server ready
  • No Coding Dashboard
  • Multi theme and template
  • Data Management and integration
  • In-memory database
  • Big Data support
  • Real Time Processing support

RatuBoco List


Live Visualization

Live visualizations create a better user experience and make your business smarter, but charting and mapping customer data streams was cumbersome and unnecessarily difficult. With Ratuboco, you can now quickly create dashboards and visualizations with feature-rich libraries, a variety of chart types, and custom map themes and markers.

A data stream network is basically a massive publish/subscribe network, globally redundant, that sends raw data bidirectionally between devices, users, and servers. Integrated in usecase like Internet of Things, a data stream network is the messaging (or communication) layer that breathes life into the IoT and its billions of connected devices. With healthcare and IoT, where data transfer needs to be reliable and secure, a data stream network is imperative.

Real-Time Analytics

This is about capture and analyze data in motion. A platform like IBM InfoSphere Streams or Apache Storm is an advanced analytic platform that allows user-developed applications to quickly ingest, analyze and correlate information as it arrives from thousands of real-time sources. The solution can handle very high data throughput rates, up to millions of events or messages per second.

Analyze data in motion—provides sub-millisecond response times, allowing you to view information and events as they unfold.



All platforms will require
Ratuboco for live visualization.