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What is Platform?

A platform serves no direct purpose to end users itself. It does provide infrastructure for one or more applications (which do serve a direct purpose to end users). User surely can build a standalone application. But it's a whole lot easier when one is already in place. That's what platforms do: they make application development easier.

PrabaC (Praba Business Application Core) is our main platform. It's a core. It provides a set of back-end and front-end framework, and tools to make it easier for enterprises and software vendors to build and deploy applications in the enterprise. These solutions, called Business Applications Core, are quick to build and deploy; empower end users through extensive personalization capabilities; are easy to change when business needs require; and are built using web-based tools and applications, which is bundled with the business application itself. It helps organizations to increase personal productivity of knowledge workers and connect external stakeholders with fit-for-purpose applications.

All Praba's platform is rich web platform service and solution. A short path to create your business solution using web technology. Like building blocks that you can assemble quickly to support any workload, adjust them as your needs to change, with compliant, secure, low cost, and no painful price trap. Besides PrabaC as a composite and integrated platform, we have: PMH, a rich messaging platform, and PRaM, an analytical system support.

Praba solution incredibly light, complete, easy, fully integrated and scalable. We want to grow your business with orchestration of technology leader. For many enterprises, empowering business users to react quickly to rapid changing business environments and gain a competitive edge is a high priority. Business users have long been beholden to IT to create processes and logic. Praba provide building blocks that you can assemble quickly to support any workload, and adjust them as your needs to change, with compliant and secure. Customer can make a composite applications by using PraBAC, PMH and PRaM building blocks to provide a new service. Or, other instant options is using appropriate Praba Application Services (PrAS) as bundle of various predefined operations and function. PrAS is ready to consumed and can be a rapid solution for customer.